Wildlife Monitoring: an ongoing project since 2010 with data supplied to the DSE Biodiversity Atlas at regular intervals. The new cameras have shown there are at least 2 new Southern Brown Bandicoot mothers with pouch young (Jan 2013).

Website:  www.bandicoots-port-campbell.com
The website is a result of donations from the group and people interested in the project – many thanks!

Bandicoot & Threatened Species Forum

30 people attended and many want to be kept informed of the bandicoot project.

Neighbourhood Fliers
400 Neighbourhood Fliers were produced for this project and distributed at the art exhibition and in local shops, the Tourist Information Centre and to neighbouring land owners.

Thanks to the individuals and the following organisations for supporting this Program:

  • Port Campbell Board Riders Assoc.
  • Timboon P-12 & Camperdown College
  • Greening Australia
  • Parks Victoria
  • DSE (now DELWP)
  • Corangamite Shire Council
  • CCMA Heytesbury & District Landcare
  • Corangamite Arts Inc.
  • Port Campbell Professional Fishermen’s Assoc.
  • The Connies
  • Protectors of Public Lands Inc.
  • Victorian Coastal Alliance Inc.